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Cosmetic camouflage creams were first developed by plastic surgeons during World War II to cover the burns received by fighter pilots. Nowadays men, women and children can use cosmetic camouflage to conceal abnormalities. Cosmetic camouflage can improve the quality of life significantly. Improved self-esteem creates a sense of personal well-being.

Although camouflage will not restore your skin to an even texture, it will conceal discolouration and blend in with the surrounding unaffected skin to create a natural look.

Camouflage makeup is thicker and more opaque with more pigment than regular foundation makeup. It effectively covers healed incision lines from surgery, scars, bruises and discolouration on your face or body. Camouflage makeup products are usually creamy and come in a variety of shades to match the colour of the skin.

The Difference between Camouflage Products and decorative Cosmetics

What is Camouflage Makeup?

How does it vary from decorative cosmetic makeup?