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Q. What is Skin Camouflage?

A. Skin camouflage is the art of concealing a skin blemish, discolouration, tattoo, scar or

     birthmark with the application of specialist camouflage creams that are matched and

    blended to the surrounding skin. The key is in the matching and blending.

     Skin camouflage can be performed as a “one-off” for a special occasion (eg. Covering

    a tattoo that Granny didn’t know about for your wedding) or training is offered in self

    application for long-term use.

Q. How long does it last?

A. Correctly applied the creams are waterproof and may safely be left on for 12 hours on

     the face or up to 2 days on the rest of the body.

Q.How do I know which products and shade of colour are best for me?

A. You can purchase a Sample Tester Kit in either Light, Medium or Dark on the Products page. The Tester Kit provides 12 different shades of camouflage makeup.  Use these to match to your own skin colour.  You can then purchase a 3 g disk or 20 g jar of the selected colour from the Products page.

Q. Where do I purchase the products from?

A. You can purchase the products from Dermal Cover on the Products page. Please note that the colour selector in the cart does not work. If you are purchasing camouflage cream, please email your colour selection to Lynette

Q. Can I still wear makeup over the top of camouflage?

A. Yes, the rest of your makeup can be applied as normal.

Q. Can men use camouflage?

A. Yes. It is a camouflage system which was originally developed during World war II

    for use on fighter pilot burn victims.

Q. Is Camouflage suitable for children?

A. Yes. The products are hyperallergenic and dermatologically tested. In fact for children

    with visible birthmarks and scars it can make a big difference to their self-esteem and

    minimise school bullying. Children can be initially trained by a Para-medical makeup

    artist to apply their own makeup each day.

Q. Can I use Camouflage to cover my Acne?

A. Yes, provided your skin is healed. Teenagers suffer acne at a time in their life when they

    start to care about their looks. Mother nature can be cruel.


Q. Can I use Camouflage on an open wound?

A. No, under no circumstances. The skin must be healed and sealed.

Q. What skin conditions can skin camouflage be used on?

A. Non-contageous skin conditions such as birthmarks, port wine stains, vitiligo,

    pigmentation, scars, tattoos and radiography markings. The area must not be blistered

   or open and the skin needs to be totally healed and sealed.

Q. Can I play sports or swim in Skin Camouflage?

A. Yes. Our skin camouflage products are waterproof. No product is rub-proof so there

    will be some transference onto clothes, bedding and furnishings. It is best to pat or air

    dry the camouflaged area after getting wet. Rubbing it will take it off.

Q. How do I remove Skin Camouflage?

A. Skin Camouflage can be removed with soap and water, skin wipes or special cleansing


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