Dermal Cover Ltd  

About Dermal Cover Ltd

Camouflage makeup to cover skin irregularities.

Dermal Cover Ltd is a New Zealand company specialising in camouflage makeup.   

The purpose of our company is to help people regain confidence by covering up skin imperfections

Lynette Holtrigter MBASC

Paramedical Makeup Artist

I enjoy skin camouflage because it enriches people’s lives, making them feel better about themselves. Everyone deserves to look their best.

When I was a teenager I was in a horrific car crash. I had skin grafts on my hands and scars on my face. I remember people staring and feeling very uncomfortable. I wasn’t aware of camouflage makeup then. If, with a little makeup, you can avoid these stares and attention, why not take advantage of it? I have learnt in my training that physical scars can be camouflaged, but the deep mental scars created by them aren’t so easy to hide. This is why this service is needed.

Lisa D’Ath

Beauty Therapist

Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Nail Technology

Lisa’s experience in the beauty therapy industry spans over eight years. Having worked in a high end beauty clinic in Takapuna she understands what clients expect and has a high level of customer service and attention to detail.